Hurst Prana

Hurst Prana
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The Prana is a modern, energetic spin on a 50's-Style Recurve. Like most Fifties-Style Recurves, the Prana has a relatively short riser and longer working limbs to facilitate a smooth Draw/Force-Curve in a relatively short bow. In addition to the relatively long working limbs, the original Prana was stretched to 61", rather than the standard 60" bow, to reduce finger-pinch and increase stability for those archers with 30"+ drawlengths.

Those who wish to retain an exceptionally smooth draw (staying around 2.0#/" rather than moving towards 3.0#/") and benefit from a more stable bow are able to bump up out of their recommended drawlength range without significant loss in performance.

This 50's-Style Bow will still retain remarkable arrow velocities due to its aggressive Tightly Radiussed Recurves (TRRs). The TRRs allow for a lower Limb/String Angle and less String/Limb Contact than exhibited in many of today's recurves, making for a quiet shot. In addition, the Prana has very little handshock, especially considering the Prana's efficiency.


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